Personal homes built around your family's needs...

I know the importance of family. Above all, I want to create an environment where family relationships will be nourished and grow stronger.

Most designers and builders state they build “custom” homes. I feel this word creates an unneeded avenue for companies to charge extra money. Instead, I listen first and understand the family, then design functional living spaces that are tailored to the client’s personal needs and interests. So, instead of “custom” homes, I prefer “personal” homes.


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Quality & Workmanship

  • I build exclusively with quality materials carefully sourced and inspected.

    I work only with contractors who take pride in their workmanship, and with whom I have built lasting relationships. Each member of the building team is a contractor or supplier that I trust and who, in return, trusts me.


See examples of my workmanship and quality on the gallery page.


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