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My passion for real estate stems from the same reasons I went into the residential design and construction industry. Not only have I heard horror stories from people about how their Realtor didn't meet their needs and expectations, but I have had experiences with Realtors on my personal homes that didn't meet my expectations. What I was looking for in a Realtor is the same in what everyone looks for in a Realtor and that is someone with knowledge that knows the industry, someone that is hard working and looks after your interests, and someone that knows how to communicate with you and informs you of what they are doing and how things are going. It's that simple. Real Estate is a service industry and the client should be your number one priority. I feel that I build lasting relationships with my client's and I always hope to retain their business as well as retain their friendship at the end of the day.

My current listings are 1650754 and1669087. You can use the embedded site below to type these numbers in the MLS search box (Type, or copy and paste the MLS listing number above into "MLS NUMBERS" then click on "SEARCH") to bring up the complete listings.


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My broker site is - Ray Kuehl & Associates Realty


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